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A full range of expert reports

Prompt. Professional. Definitive.

We understand that medical experts must provide sensible 'real-world' opinions, maintain up-to-date knowledge of legal precedent, and have detailed understanding of instructions and requirements under the Civil Procedure Rules.  

We are not an agency: when instructing Cardiology Expert Services you will be liaising direct with experienced full-time NHS consultants and will enjoy the assistance of a dedicated case-handler.  We provide a full range of services with an emphasis on clinical negligence cases.  We specialise in the full-range of general and interventional cardiology (including issues relating to heart attacks; angioplasty and stenting or PCI).

Cardiothoracic surgery and stroke medicine experts are available 

We prepare reports on:

Breach of Duty


Condition and prognosis

Fitness for trial

Screening reports

Case conference


We are transparent regarding fees and conservative in billing at all times. Bundles may be received via any file-sharing service.  We correspond via Proton Mail professional encrypted email.

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