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The following are a selection of testimonials from instructing solicitors, reproduced with their permission:  

"The report is very clear. The points raised are easy to follow and are well substantiated."  

TF, July 2022

"Dr Kelly is highly recommended. His reports are provided very promptly, address all of the issues in the case, are concise, well structured and easy to follow. Will be using Dr Kelly again."

AK, November 2021

"I have just reviewed your report and just wanted to say I thought the report was excellent, very clear, very helpful so thank you. I look forward to working with you again on other matters."

JD, July 2021

"Very helpful and well written"

PB, April 2021

“Dr Kelly is very easy to deal with.  He is prompt and responsive, and his reports are clear, comprehensive, logical and well-written.”

BB, November 2020

"Dr Kelly provides clear expert evidence, which addresses the issues in the cases. His reports are well argued and reasoned."  

SA, October 2020

"Thank you for your report, it is excellent and it is refreshing to have no queries for an expert".  

RS, September 2020

"Concise, focussed and written in clear English."  

BR, July 2020

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